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Taupe Soft Sole Sandal
Taupe Soft Sole Sandal
Taupe Soft Sole Sandal
Taupe Soft Sole Sandal
Taupe Soft Sole Sandal

Taupe Soft Sole Sandal


2 - 10cm insole
3 - 11cm insole
4 - 11.5cm insole
5 - 12.5cm insole
6 - 13.5cm insole
7 - 14cm insole
8 - 15cm insole
9 - 16cm insole

Has your wriggly little babe not quite mastered their walk and still spend a bit of their time crawling? Or maybe they're more active these days and love to give their shoes a real work out?!

Either way, our new cotton canvas Sandals feature a toe cap made from the same lightweight, super flexible textured rubber used on the sole on Sizes 4 - 9.  This makes the front of the shoe super durable whilst still letting little feet feel the ground - perfect for when walking is still being perfected! Size 3 does not have the toe cap.

Your little one needs their shoes to fit perfectly, an ill-fitting shoe can really mess up their walking. Make sure you measure their feet, don’t guess - they might surprise you! 


    The nitty-gritty:

    • Handmade by Gertrude and the King in our Brisbane studio
    • Featuring a feather-light and super flexible textured rubber sole and a cotton canvas upper
    • A super easy (very parent-friendly!) pull-on design 
    • Machine washable - just pop then in a delicates bag in a normal wash and lay flat to dry  
    • Vegan friendly

    Are you wondering "What’s all the fuss about soft sole shoes?" Recommended by Paediatricians & Podiatrists, soft sole shoes mimic bare feet and allow babies and toddlers to improve their balance as well as strengthen all of those tiny muscles and toes. A firmer sole with minimal flexibility can interfere with all the hard work little feet need to do to establish their crawling or walking (and mastering their run!).

    Let's be friends! Come hang with us on Insta, we love to see your babes in our shoes. Don't forget to tag us... @gertrudeandtheking