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Size Guide

It's really important that our shoes fit little feet well... When a shoe isn't quite right, it can make walking a challenge and can even affect foot development. 

Follow the instructions on each listing for the best way to measure and find your size, keep in mind it may be best to go up a size if your little one is midway between sizes. Do not go by their age alone as every one grows at their own pace. 

As our shoes are made by different manufacturers, each style has a slightly different size chart. Be sure to look at each chart if you're swapping between styles. 

Also our little ones aren't always great at telling us when their shoes are getting tight, so keep checking over time to make sure they still fit!

We have 9 different fits / styles in the Gertrude and the King range. Have a look below to learn more about what fit will be best for your little person!

Wanderer Soft Sole Shoes - Our newest style! The toe cap makes these shoes durable for more active babes. They have a wider toe area so great for chubby feet however laces allow for an adjustable fit, so even slim feet can wear this style. Machine washable, vegan, can be worn with or without socks. 

Adventurer Lace Ups -  The long awaited ‘barefoot style’ shoe from Gertrude and the King for 2 to 4 year olds. Bringing the most loved parts of our shoes for little babes (hello thin, flat sole!), the Adventurers are a versatile and classic style shoe for your bigger kids. Fit wise, they're great for slim to normal feet as the laces make them adjustable. Made from genuine leather, they will soften with every wear. 

Pull on sneakers in Bear and Cranberry - Great for slim feet. They're designed to be a little firm to get on, so once they're on they stay on and won't slide off.  If your babe has a really chubby foot, we would recommend the lace up sneakers and would suggest you steer away from this design. The rubber toe cap on these make them perfect for babes that are still sometimes crawling. Machine washable, vegan, can be worn with or without socks. .

Dune, Mustard and Cinder Sneakers - These are great for all feet. The lace up design allows you to undo and loosen so you can easily get a foot in, even a chubby one! They are a slimmer design when compared to the Marine and Forest sneakers, but the laces still allow for a wider foot to fit comfortably. Machine washable, vegan, can be worn with or without socks. 

Marine and Forest Sneakers - These are particularly great for wide to very chubby feet!  If your child has a long narrow or skinny foot, we would suggest you avoid this style and go for any our other sneakers instead, especially the pull on Bear or Cranberry. 

Peep Toes - Our Peep Toes are a slim fit, great for narrow to normal feet. The actual peep toe is quite small, we designed them this way to be to stop narrow feet from sliding all the way through the front! You can even style these with socks or tights and not see them at the front. Machine washable, vegan, can be worn with or without socks. .

Eucalyptus, Marine, Mustard and Lilac Mary Janes - These shoes have the same fit as the Marine and Forest Sneakers, great for wide to chubby feet. If your little girl has a long and narrow foot, we would suggest our Peep Toes or pull on Mary Janes. The faux buckle on this shoe is adjustable, just adjust the length around the ankle once and then slide the U shape under the buckle next time. Machine washable, vegan, can be worn with or without socks. 

Bear and Rose pull on Mary Janes - These are perfect for all feet!  The beauty of these is the strap elastic is REALLY stretchy, so they're super easy to get on. Machine washable, vegan, can be worn with or without socks.  

Sandals - This pull on design is great for all feet. Similar to the pull on Mary Janes, the ankle strap is really stretchy so it can accommodate all feet. The front of the shoe sits quite high around the ankle, so they don't slip off either!

Still unsure about something? Send us an email, we would love to hear from you!