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How do I wash my GK shoes?

Firstly, thank you so very much for your order. We love sending GK shoes out into the world, ready to help your little people take those first wobbly steps. Once they're starting to master their walking and maybe the occasional run, they're bound to get dirty though. But don't you worry Mama! All you need to do is pop them in a delicates bag and put them through your normal cold wash. Then just pull them back into shape post wash and lay flat to dry. Simple!

Who designs your range?
We do all of our late night dreaming and designing in house. Every GK design is exclusive to us and runs through a pretty ruthless sampling period before we launch it. Friends and family of the GK duo are constantly being asked for feedback and the babes are always lending feet to try on!
Where are your items made?
Our range is a combination of handmade (Sandals, Hats and Luxe bibs) by Sandra, our founder and creative director. Our Sneakers, Peep Toes and Mary Janes are ethically made in China (Sandra needed to sleep after all!). Our manufacturer complies to the 'Business social initiative' and we have checks in place to ensure our factory is delivering a workplace we accept for it's staff.