Soft sole shoes for babes still finding their feet. Reversible hats for stylish fun in the sun!


You have a great business with wonderful quality products and we just love them. We’ll be buying them until our babes are too big. That will be a sad day! 


I placed my order and I’m very excited for these shoes to arrive. We got a pair on holidays from a shop and they are the first pair of shoes that I have come across that perfectly fit my sons feet, I love the grip on the bottom, love the colours, I find they cope with my sons activeness and are lasting longer than a lot of other shoes I have purchased for him.


Your sandals are amazing for little feet! They fit perfectly, no restriction and room to grow. We absolutely love them! Thank you


THE best baby shoes I've found and I've been looking for months. All the other shoes kept sliding off her tiny feet because they didn't have laces. Or the sole was so hard and the shoe felt so foreign that she simply froze in her spot and never even tried to take a step. She couldn't figure out how to walk with those new, heavy things on her feet. Then I put these Desert Sneakers on her and... There wasn't even a moments hesitation. If you're looking for first shoes for your little one, I highly, HIGHLY recommend them.

Sandra G

The brainchild of a Mother and Daughter team.