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Our Story

Hello! Welcome to Gertrude and the King!  

We’re Sandra and Kate, a mother/daughter duo from sunny Brisbane, Queensland. Inspired by our own family taking those first unsteady steps and struggling to find shoes loved, Gertrude and the King was born. We now bring parents a curated collection of soft sole shoes, luxe bibs and reversible hats.

Our shoes are designed to mimic bare feet and allow babies and toddlers to improve their balance as well as strengthen all of those tiny muscles and toes. If you have ever seen a baby or toddler tumble or do the robot dance whilst learning to walk, you know that those first steps are pretty difficult for them!

 A firmer sole with minimal flexibility can interfere with all the hard work little feet need to do to establish their crawling or walking (and mastering their run!)… Recommended by Paediatricians & Podiatrists, soft sole shoes allow little baby and toddler feet to really feel the ground and start walking confidently – faster!

 Everything you see at Gertrude and the King was a result of us looking for something we couldn’t find anywhere else… And when you have a new Mum with an Instagram shopping addiction (that’s me, Kate!) and a talented Nanny (my Mum, Sandra) who can make basically anything you can dream of, you generally get new pretties…

 Have fun shopping all things GK, we love sending our things all over the globe – knowing they’re off to a new home and about to go on some serious adventures!

Much love
Team GK
Kate and Sandra